About Us



Our Background

We started our on he basis of bringing new ideas to market.  Dimitri  with an Engineering background & Harry with a Sales and Marketing background, teamed up to start ATV-Link!  We have started with 1 new product line.  A module to communicate with Polaris side by sides.  The module is a base platform to communicate with the on board computers.  From this, we can monitor, display, record, replay how the machine & engine are performing.

Our Story

We started a few years ago with an idea.  Users of off road vehicles need to be able to see more information about the vehicle they are driving.  We looked at several modules that were being used for the truck and SUV market and decided to make a Brand New Item for the UTV and off road industry.

Meet the Team

Dimitri: The Brains!  Development. Engineer. Extraordinaire!





Harry: Sales & Marketing guru!